*This page is a work in progress :) *  Beware the caution tape, and all that.

"Triple A" (Awesome Autumn Ale)

Alcohol by Volume:  9.4%

IBU’s:  35.8

Ingredients:  English Pale, Biscuit, & Caramel Malts.  Seasonal New England Pumpkin.  Spices.  Two English Hop Varieties.

Description:  Our approach to an Autumn Seasonal, this ale is loaded with a deep malt character and garnished with spices to create a Pumpkin Cake like experience.  Big, bold, and flavorful, we like to drink this one as a digestif for a big New England Autumn dinner.


Alcohol by Volume:  9.0%

IBU’s:  55

Ingredients:  Roasted, Chocolate, Caramel, and Pale Malts.  Sumatran Coffee, Bitter Chocolate, and Imported Cacao Nibs.

Description:  This massive beer pours a mean, thick oil black and lets out huge aromas of molasses, chocolate, and coffee as it prepares to assault your palate with vicious, satisfying flavors.  At 9% alcohol, this one is not for the faint of heart.  For the uninitiated, it might be safer to start with it’s younger brother, “That’s What She Said”.  For the initiated, there’s no other way.