Prudential Center Beer Garden

The evening

Tomorrow’s (7.25.19) event is at the Prudential Center South Garden from 5 - 9 PM. The weather looks excellent for the evening. We look forward to sharing a good mix of Tree House draft and cans for you to enjoy right in the heart of our capital city of Boston!

Guests will be wristbanded at the entrance to the South Garden and have an option to purchase up to four tickets for on-site cans or pours. Beers will be between 12 and 16 oz and will be $8 each. Entrance to the event is free.

Guest guidance + efficiency improvements

During our first event at the Prudential Center, our logistics process broke down under the weight of several thousand guests descending upon the South Garden at the same time. In learning from our mistakes we will be implementing several improvements for this Thursday’s event.

Although we still anticipate lines on Thursday, we believe the map below, even more staff, clearer signage, and faster ways to pour and sell on-site cans will make the evening significantly smoother, more efficient, and ultimately, more enjoyable!

If you plan to attend tomorrow, we encourage you to check out the map below for our set-up.


A better approach

During the first event, the logistics team at the Pru asked us to separate wristband and ticket sales. This enabled guests to allow their friends to purchase tickets for them, and cut the line after receiving a wristband. For this event, we will limit ticket sales to four per guest and combine wristbands and ticket sales as is customary at our brewery. We believe this will speed things up and limit the ability for guests arriving late to cut the line.

More cans & draft

During the first event, we brought four electric glycol-chilled pouring devices that continuously and unexpectedly tripped the electricity breakers in the South Garden, ultimately slowing down the pace at which we could pour. This time, provisions are in place to ensure that will not happen again. For the July 25th event, instead of spreading eight beers across eight taps as we had on June 27th, we will spread five beers across twelve taps to eliminate bottlenecks for more popular offerings and bring a much larger volume of cans that we expect to last the evening.


Draft & Cans

The queue on the right after the ticket & wristband station will be for both draft and cans. We anticipate this line, given the slower nature of draft pours, will be slightly slower than the cans only line, but will allow you to snag both options should you choose.

Cans Only

The ‘Cans Only’ line exists for those who would only like cans - we believe this line will move faster and be a good option for those looking to get a beer in their hands right away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event kid friendly?

Yes, children are welcome. Anyone under 21 will not receive a wristband for beer purchases.

Is this event dog friendly?

The Prudential Center allows service dogs only. Please respect these rules.

Do you take reservations?

No, this event is first come, first serve.

Can we buy tickets in advance?

No, tickets must be purchased in line the day of the event.

What beers will be available?

The draft and can list will be made available at the start of the event.

Can we purchase cans to take home?

No, this event is for on-site enjoyment only.

Is this event for Boston residents only?

No, we welcome everyone to attend.

Will there be entertainment?

Yes - July 25th - ViVi

Do you have any gluten free options?

Unfortunately, not at this time.