We make every effort to be as thorough as possible on this website explaining our process and what to expect when you make a trip to Tree House.  To further this goal of open communication with our customers, we've created this set of Frequently Asked Questions we hope you'll look at prior to reaching out to us.  

Where is the best place to keep up to date with what is available?  

Our ON-TAP page, located HERE, is updated daily before the start of retail hours with what we have available.  For real time updates, we strongly recommend you follow our Twitter, located HERE.  We update our Twitter account frequently during retail hours to give you a better idea of what to expect when you arrive.

What are the growler limits? Can limits?

The growler and can limits are posted on our ON-TAP page located

Where is your packaging schedule?

We don't list one because things go wrong and beer may not be ready when you expect it, leading to disappointment.  We announce beers when they are safely packaged.

When is the best time to come without waiting?

Given the heavy demand for our beer, we can never promise a short wait.  However, later on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon are two times when a laid back visit is more likely.  Please note that availability late on Saturday may be minimal.  Please check our ON-TAP page before your trip, and note how much we have left to begin a day.

Where can I drink your beers locally? 

We do not distribute our beers locally due to supply constraints.  However, the beer you purchase at Tree House can be enjoyed locally at BYOB establishments, such as Westview Creamery in Monson and BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge.

Do limits change after you open?

We make every effort to keep limits the same, and this is indeed the case 95% of the time.  On rare occasions when we believe it will be beneficial to visitors, we will lower limits to spread the love around a bit.

Are there two lines, one for cans and one for growlers?

There is just one line, the can line!  You may order growlers from the can line.  Our staff will assist you by handing out and collecting order cards for growlers while you wait for cans.

When do you announce beers?

We announce beers as soon as they are packaged, both to our Twitter account and to our ON-TAP page.

Am I guaranteed the beers listed on your on-tap page?

No - once we open we cannot guarantee availability of anything listed.  We urge you to note availability, which is always listed, before planning your trip.

Do you sell kegs direct to the public?

Unfortunately no.  Our license does not allow direct sales.  In the future we may work with wholesale license holders but currently our volume restricts us from doing so.  

If we show up at 10:30 on Saturday can we just quickly get in and get out with our growlers?

No.  Please respect our hours and the folks who show up expecting first come first serve service. 

I'm on my way through on Sunday, is there any way I can stop in and fill my growlers.

No.  We all work extremely hard to maintain beer for the hours we have.  Please, please respect this. 

What are your hours?

 Tuesdays from 2-8pm for can sales and draft pours, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 12 PM - 8 PM for can sales only,  Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM for can sales and draft pours, and Sundays 12pm-5pm for can sales only.

Do any local package stores carry your beer? Draft accounts?

Not currently.   

Do you guys sell pints at the brewery?

Yes, but only when we can efficiently offer them.  During high volume can sales it is not possible.  Stay tuned to Twitter for updates.  We hope to eventually make it a full time thing, but currently it's not possible.

Can we open our growlers at the brewery?

No.  They must be consumed off-site as our license does not allow it.  

Are you dog friendly? Kid friendly?

Indeed - both!  We kindly ask that you keep your dogs leashed and carry out.   

Do you fill any growler?

We do not, per advisement of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.  We fill two sizes of Federally approved Tree House Growlers - 2L and 750ML.  When you purchase our growlers we ask that you give them a good rinse prior to bringing them back for a refill.  We’ve found that a good hot water rinse as soon as it’s empty works quite well.

When is the best time to visit Tree House?

This is a very tough question to answer.  Typically late Friday is the most mellow, but are still unpredictable.  Saturdays are usually quite busy early but then mellow toward the end of the day...

What is available for growler fills and cans?

Please see our constantly updated page of what’s ON-TAP here.  This page is accurate.  We promise.

What’s the deal with Deano?

Good question!

What’s your secret?

Hard work and a lot of practice!