Who We Are

With Tree House currently in the midst of a soft opening, I’d like to muse a bit about our journey and the philosophy that drives us at Tree House Brewing Company.

You might be familiar with this famous quote:

“Give a man a beer and he’ll waste an hour. Teach a man to brew and he’ll waste a lifetime.”

It so eloquently describes brewing and it’s inevitable progression to either founding a business or turning your garage into a Home Brew Utopia (Or, as your spouse might say, “that damn mess where my car used to go”).  As many before me have explained, this quote can easily be misconstrued to say that brewing beer is a unnecessary time sink.  Those of us who are professionals, seasoned brewers and newbies alike know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

Brewing beer is a joyful, collaborative process that brings all walks of life together to share in the magic of creating something that is ancient and modern, revered and celebrated - and inarguably helped give birth to civilization itself.  In short, it’s time well spent.  

From the moment I brewed my first batch in a stock pot on an electric stove, I knew I would be heading down the road to Tree House.   I had to.  Thankfully, so did three of my closest friends.

We have shared many late nights perfecting batches to test the taste buds of the thirsty state of Massachusetts, and in the process we have learned a lot about ourselves and each other.  Such late nights are shared not just by ourselves and fellow brewers, but also by craft beer fans with discerning palates who create deep and lasting bonds by viciously arguing everything from the best India Pale Ale to whether or not a true Beer Bar should fashion an HDTV.

But that’s just it.  It’s not necessarily about vehement opinions or who is right and wrong.  It’s about a bonded and well rounded community that represents a microcosm of the life we want to lead, and contribute to.

We won’t  be making a lot of beer as we start down this road, but we will be making great beer with absolutely no compromises.  And we very much look forward to sharing it with you and making great friends along the way.

Immediately upon setting out on this mission, I jotted down a set of tenets by which we would operate… A sort of malleable compass to be called upon in times of need and shaped by circumstances and lessons hard learned.  Today I will share them with you so that you, the customer and friend, will remind us when we veer from the road thus set forth.

1.  Make great beer.
2.  Do not compromise quality.  Not now, not ever.
3.  Simple is harder than complex.  Aim for simple.
4.  Eliminate pretension and listen.
5.  Inspire through the product.  It’s our loudest voice.
6.  Embrace the spirit of collaboration.
7.  Never stop evolving. Never stop learning.  Never stop embracing the cutting edge.
8.  Speak your mind.
9.  Self-assess and do so honestly.
10.  Invest for the long haul.  Kill shortsightedness.
11.  Respect the environment.
12.  Pay attention to detail.  Every detail.
13.  Every idea is worth some attention.
14.  Smile.  Laugh.  Show respect.
15.  If we can’t make it better, we won’t do it.

Until next time.  

Your fearless brewer, Nate.