We have hats and 'King Julius'.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t miss retails hours this weekend.

This Saturday we’ll introduce a new beer, “King Julius”.  He’s the big brother of our favorite IPA, “Julius” and he’s crafted to be like “Julius” only more… stately.  

At 8.3% ABV and loaded with, frankly, a stupid amount of hops, it’s bursting with tropical flavors and just enough dryness to leave you longing for more.  We tried it tonight cool and conditioned (barely…what can we say?  We want to save it for you!) and we are quite proud of it.  On sale this Saturday at 11 AM with a two bottle limit.

What else?  Well, as luck would have it.. really, luck, we didn’t plan it… “Julius” will be on also!  Very excited to have these two siblings on tap at the same time.  Rounding out the line-up is “That’s What She Said”, our milk stout, and a lone keg of “Snowtober”, our Autumn inspired porter.  

So, in short, this Saturday is going to be all kinds of awesome. :D

We encourage carolers and santa-hat wearers to show their holiday spirit because lord knows Dean will.


Just one of our favorite things.

About those hats.  Distress-washed and embroidered with the Tree House logo, these hats are sharp and super comfortable. Limited quantities available for the first time Saturday!


We will sell our 1,000th bottle on Saturday.  Whoa.  Humbled.  At any rate, if you’re the lucky one, a small surprise awaits.

Finally, a brief word on this weekend.  With our favorite beers on tap in the midst of a vibrant holiday season, we’re all feeling pretty good about what we’ve accomplished over the past year.  It’s been a long and rewarding journey so far - rewards in the form of experiences shared and new friends made - and we are jazzed about the future.  Thank you so much for your continued support!