Tree House Brewing Company, LLC

Hello and welcome to our small corner of the world.  As we work to get our website online and our licensing approved, we’ve started this journal to share our thoughts as we chase our dream of inspiring friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances, to embrace our small, local, and beautiful brewery.

In a world that’s become increasingly introverted by digital devices and instant non-personal communication, Tree House Brewing Company was born from a vision to unite friends in the flesh and to celebrate intimate relationships in a way that’s taken for granted by the constantly connected conscience.  

Our mission is to create delicious, smooth, and flavorful malt beverages which can act as a spark to re-unite old friends and to incite deep introspection regarding what’s important in life and how truly lucky we are to share in each other’s company.  This is not a deluded vision of grandeur - it is simply a group of friends and their pursuit of happiness.

We would like to invite you to join us.


Dean, Damien, Jonathan, and Nate.