Autumn officially came last weekend, but this weekend it arrived in spirit.

Bright colors, a cool mist, and a high contrast landscape instilled a true feeling of transition to cooler months.  Change was in the air not only for the climate, but for Tree House as well.

With our new kegerator performing above expectations and speeding up bottle fills, we’ve begun to drift away from our ‘home brew’ roots in favor of more proper equipment.  We continue to brew fervently on our Brew Magic (four batches yesterday!) but with each new batch our souls pine more for the Premier Stainless brew house that sits 3,000 some odd miles from us right now.  We absolutely cannot wait to get creative on that beast, and better yet, have plenty of beer available at the retail shop.

It’s looking like Green will be on draft this coming weekend, along with more Autumn Ale and the return of That’s What She Said (Hell yes).  Stay tuned.