This weekend, quickly.

It’s Thursday and it’s time to reveal this weekends bounty, available Saturday at the Tree House Retail Shop:

Cascade - Our single hop Cascade IPA.  This beer is more mellow than most of our IPA’s, but no less delicious with it’s pungent grapefruit notes.

Old Man - Our ESB.  Nutty, malty, and delicious.

That’s What She Said - Our Milk Stout.  Smooth, roasty, and loaded with coffee notes. 

“Awesome Autumn Ale”  and “Dirty Water” are both maybes as of tonight.  I hate to advertise a ‘maybe’, but the beers tell me when they’re ready.  Not the other way around. They’re so stubborn.

Looks chilly.  You can bet we’ll have the wood stove going along with the outdoor pits. We’ll see you Saturday!

We love this.  The loving perpetual container for Tree House IPA. 

Brewer’s Notes:  This Saturday -  brewing Imperial Julius.  Oh my god.