The Brew Magic - Our Pilot System

The Brew Magic. 

It’s the dream of many homebrewers and a savior as a pilot brewery in larger institutions. It’s big, it’s sophisticated, it’s brawny, and it’s sexy as hell.

And now there’s one sitting inside Tree House Brewing Company.

Let me tell you something - If you lust after the photographs of this thing, you might want to do yourself a favor and stop reading because honestly, they do it absolutely no justice. No justice at all. It’s three times as beautiful as you think it is. It’s constructed like a tank. It’s well thought out. It’s a pilot brewing marvel. And it’s got us damn fired up.

Why did we buy one?

It will allow us to be more consistent as we fine tune our recipes. It will let us think more about brewing, and less about tinkering. We bought one because it’s fun as hell.

Now, we soldier on. The inaugural brew day is Sunday. The TTB license is - seemingly, knock on wood - very very close. The major utility upgrades to the brewery are underway. And we are in talks about procuring our seven barrel brewhouse.

It’s an exciting time at Tree House and we cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on with the beautiful people of Massachusetts.