Stout Day

My butt has finally found a chair after a long day of everything (we can all relate, eh?) and I’m sipping on a Julius realizing through various social medium that the world has deemed today, November 8th, International Stout Day.

The bad news is I’m not celebrating.  The good news is we’ll be celebrating belatedly with two stouts on draft this weekend at Tree House!  

So, which ones?  ”Aftermath.”  Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. We love this beer.  It’s so rich and velvety and comforting we just want to cuddle with it.  But that would be messy.  Instead, we’ll be serving it into growlers starting at 11 AM this Saturday along with a potbelly wood stove and Kim’s incredible hummus. 

“Merry Mintsmas” or “Twas the Night Before Mintsmas” or “Naughty Noel” or whatever this mint stout concoction we’ve created will finally be named…  It has kind of a york peppermint patty vibe to it.  Think a big “That’s What She Said”, 7.2% ABV and dry-minted with mint leaves.   Interesting!  We are still curating and refining ideas for our annual christmas ale and this is just one riff of an idea.  It might be available by the barrel full this winter or you may never see it again. :)

Finally, “Julius”.  My god.   This beer.  Did I mention I’m sipping it right now?  Against the brewer’s recommendation (made by…me), I poured it at 10 days old.  It has held up tremendously!  I still don’t recommend it, generally.  Sad trombone.

One final word on Thanksgiving.  We will not be holding retail hours Wednesday evening.  Unfortunately our current arrangement allows us to prep the beer in a ‘just in time’ fashion for Saturday.  We encourage you to fill up for Thursday on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, assuming you have the insane will-power to look at full growlers for a week.

See you Saturday.