So long, beer.


We had a ton of beer.  

As predicted, Citra kicked early.  And then Spawn kicked.  And then Cleona kicked.  And then Cascade kicked.  

A steady stream of friends made the trek to Tree House for retail hours on a blazing hot Saturday and took home with them just about every drop of beer we had.  

We tapped Dirty Water for the first time in a long time and it was just what we needed on blisteringly hot and humid day.  Crisp.  Cool.  Refreshing.  So good.  And thankfully, all we have left. 

Now what?  

Well, more beer, of course.  On deck is “That’s What Dean Said”, a bit of a riff on the traditional “That’s What She Said” recipe.  Think TWSS with more chocolate, slightly less bitterness, and more alcohol (because, well, you know….).   

Also, we just dry-hopped a new batch of Citra (bumped up the dry-hop even more) that will be ready for the Wednesday brew night of August 15th.   Beyond that, a whole lot of the traditional “That’s What She Said” should be ready for the weekend of the 18th.

Saturday saw us brew more “Cleona” and our Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  Think pumpkin cake/pumpkin pie.  Rich, decadent, and a fitting digestif for a big fall meal.  We hope for it’s release on the very first day of Autumn.

Stay tuned as we finalize this coming Saturday’s line-up.

Cheers, Massachusetts.