Saturdaylicious (Or, I'm running out of ways to title this post.)

The time is here for our weekly update in which we attempt to predict the coming weekend’s chaos.

What’s going on this Saturday?

We have a fair amount of beer, and a truckload of new swag (See below).  We have a few new colors of the traditional Tree House T’s and will also debut a new line of short and long sleeve “Alternative Earth” T’s.  Produced with renewable material and organic cotton, these T’s are both eco friendly and comfortable as hell.  See Alternative Apparel’s mission statement and green practices here.

Speaking of Green, man do we have a dank fresh batch ready to roll, and a fair amount of it!  Coming in at 7.6% ABV with 90 IBU’s of Galaxy Hop glory, this is thing is in your face and maintains freakish drinkability.  It will be available starting at 11 AM and it is unlikely to last long.  And, what else?

  • That’s What She Said- Our Milk Stout.  5.6% ABV, 22.9 IBU’s.
  • Cleona- Our Irish Red.  Big, rich, and malty.  Tasty for a cool evening.  5.6%, 20.2 IBU’s.
  • Old Man- Our Extra Special Bitter.  Minerally and rich, this is the perfect complement to pulled pork or fried chicken. 5.4%
  • Green - A huge and complex IPA with freakish drinkability. 7.6% ABV, 90 IBU’S

There is very little Cleona left, and we can’t promise any of the others will last the day.  The weather is looking glorious.  We’ll see you Saturday.