Saturday, 1.5.2012

WINTER HAS TRULY GRACED the Tree House landscape - So much so that our typical style photos became a little more… difficult than usual. Whoops.

Progress continued throughout the week on firing up the new brew house. Dean has been working hard (or, barking at his retired father - he’s so mean) to finish up all the necessary connections to make it happen. We have set a (relatively) hard date of 1/12/2012 for the first water run, and perhaps brew (!!!!) Full speed ahead.

In the meantime we’ve continued to churn away at batches on the Brew Magic. “Julius”, “Sap”, the tentatively titled “Who’s Your Daddy”… and American blonde ale delicately hopped with Australian and American hops. All in the pipeline…

What will we have available for growler fills this weekend?

“Julius” - Our IPA. Super pungent. Whoa.
“That’s What She Said” - Our Milk Stout
“Old Man” - Our Special Bitter

We’ll have a six bottle limit, and three on “Julius”. The wood stove will be blazing and snacks will abound. Please be careful in the driveway - It is icy in spots!