Retail Availability - Saturday, 8/25.

Who wants some beer?  

Please ignore Jonathan’s writing.  TWSS is 5.6%.  She’s not so boozy.

The weekend is upon us and we’re ready to rock with the following:

  • That’s What She Said - Old faithful is back and she’s pouring gloriously.  5.6% ABV, 22.9 IBU’s.
  • Rapture - Dirty Water’s bigger, meaner brother.  5.0%, 34 IBU’s.
  • Cleona - Our Irish Red.  Big, rich, and malty.  Tasty for a cool evening.  5.6%, 20.2 IBU’s.
  • Old Man - Our Extra Special Bitter.  Minerally and rich, this is the perfect complement to pulled pork or fried chicken. 5.4%

Nothing hoppy?  Gasp.  Green is on deck!  Weather should be killer.  

See you then,

-treehousebrewco crew