Refining the Tree House experience.

We care deeply about giving our customers and friends the best experience possible when they come to the Tree House barn.  I know, that reads like something Wal-Mart might say after conducting a focus group with marketing PhD’s, but seriously, we mean it.

We’ve grown much faster than anticipated and continue to think of little things we can do to help ensure fills move along at a comfortable pace while we wait for new equipment.  To that end, we have created “Order Cards” that let you convey what beers you’d like to take with you to whomever is filling behind the bar.  

Here’s what they look like, with this example filled in to show you how it works:

The sooner you hand your cards over to Lauren or Kim the quicker they will get to your order.  We ask that you clean your bottles prior to coming in, and if you have your own bottles already, to take a rubber band (we’ll have them) and put it around your bottle(s) prior to joining the queue. 

We think this will work well but if you have suggestions we are happy to listen.

Quick note on parking.  We’ve been told that parking in the street is not an option.  We’ll have someone directing traffic into the driveway this weekend along with a bunch of fancy imposing signs.  We kindly ask you to pull in where we have additional parking in the field below the barn.   I drew a picture to illustrate:

And finally, my broken record spiel that I will continue to repeat until, well, the beer gods wave the magic beer wand on Tree House:  We are a very small brewery and we often DO run out of beer.  We understand this is uncommon and for that we apologize.  However, we are anxiously awaiting a brew house that will greatly increase our capacity and along with it, a solution to a lot of the problems we’ve been talking about.  


Enough of that.  Let’s have a beer!