A lovely and fulfilling Saturday at Tree House!  The post holiday crowd was steady, enthusiastic, and eclectic with many new faces scattered among the familiar.  So cool.

We continue to make small and hard-learned improvements to our process every week… this weekend it was our order cards.  A few small language changes and everything worked perfectly.  Next weekend, tasting dedicated kegerators!

So, about the beer… Three kegs of “Julius” barely lasted two hours.  We instituted a limit for the first time (3) and it seemed to help spread the love around a bit with it being one of our most popular brews.  ”Snowtober” and “Old Man” managed to hang on for a bit, but eventually saw their demise.  We tapped a few kegs of “Dirty Autumn”  for latecomers but there’s plenty left of the English Mild to run next weekend.  

Just dry-hopped the next batch of “Julius” and… wait for it.  ”Double Julius”… King Julius?  At any rate, Oh My God.

What else?  We have “Merry Mint”, our Mint Stout for the holidays but we were thinking we’d brew a massive Double IPA with resinous, piney hops.   Chinook?  Oh yes.

Stay warm,