The vibrant deciduous trees of New England have shed their leaves and fortified their roots against the harsh winter conditions knocking on door.

Mother nature is not alone.  November marks the start of a big transition for Tree House as we continue to prepare for our new brew house.  We’ve been busy - but the details of our transition are not important.  What’s important is what the new digs will mean for our loyal customers!

The following is a short (and incomplete) list of improvements that can be expected in the coming months:

  • 2L Growlers (!!!)  No limit ‘Julius’.  Omg.
  • Servicing more restaurant accounts in a small radius.  Think Sturbridge, Springfield, Northampton… Worcester?  Get your favorite Tree House on draft!
  • Expanded retail hours.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday… ?!
  • Potential bottling opportunities.
  • The start of our barrel program.
  • More beer.  Duh.  No more running out on Saturday (Knock on wood?)
Among other things.  Needless to say we are extremely excited.

Great day on Saturday!  The hoodies proved to be very popular, as did Cascade.  Two kegs gone in two hours.  Mercy rule?

What’s up for next weekend?  Julius.  Our Christmas Ale.  Have I talked about it yet?  Potentially Aftermath…!

Hope everyone reading has a nice Sunday.