"Milk is for babies...

…When you grow up you have to drink beer.”

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was using a little veiled hyperbole in this line for sure, but he was also onto something.

At Tree House we like to look after our bodies.  I can prove it.  Our partner Damien co-owns and operates a Fitness Facility.  My brother-in-law and frequent patron at the brewery, Joe, is a successful and well-respected personal trainer.   I climb mountains on my bike.  Our brewery princess runs marathons.

With such respect for personal health, we are naturally curious and cautious about the health effects of beer.  Unfortunately it is often associated with reliance, addiction, and a laundry list of health related problems from liver disease to heart disease all of which can be traced back to drinking in excess.

But what about drinking in moderation?  What about using beer as a form of social lubrication?  What about drinking to relax after a wonderful dinner?  What about drinking for the joy of losing yourself in a perfectly crafted beer?  I have good news.

The overwhelming body of evidence suggests that you will live the longest if you consume alcohol in moderation.  Non-drinkers fall second on the list, and heavy drinkers tend to live the shortest.

The studies cite a number of reasons why this is the case:  you absorb healthful polyphenols from beer, it contains a good deal of stress reducing B-vitamins, and the social interaction of the activity keeps you more vibrant than you may otherwise be.  

Why am I telling you this?  Well, I want you to drink beer, for starters.  And I want you to drink good, unfiltered craft beer because it retains more of the beneficial nutrients than our watered-down friends.

Of course science is an ever evolving field producing endlessly refined and different results, so not every outcome will be the same.  But the resounding majority of information suggests that you should be enjoying one of life’s greatest creations on a regular basis.