Meet the Crew

From left to right:  Jonathan, Dean, Nate, and Damien pictured in the meadow outside Tree House Brewery

Jonathan is a simple but brilliant man.  We don’t know too much about him other than the fact that he lives alone with his cat and does gorgeous design work for countless happy clients.  He provides thoughtful spirit and puts the check in checks and balances around the brewery.

Dean is just… Dean.  And by Dean I mean awesome.  You have to see the Dean Show to believe it. When he’s not busy impersonating The Governator (ggggsssssuuuuujjjsssgggssss ya come on, do it!), he’s riffing randomly on his six string and improvising lyrics about Johnny and his cat.  He’s also really good at taste testing beer and making sure nothing blows up at the brewery.

Nate is a jack of all trades and a master of none.  Born in a boreal forest in late 1921 to a pack of wolves, he has evolved into an obsessive compulsive, perfectionist nitwit.  Occasionally, this hurts Dean’s feelings but Dean is a sensitive guy.  A brewer for just one year, he has overseen more batches of beer than most Joe’s brew in a lifetime.

Damien is self described as a man who can sell sandpaper to someone relieving themselves in the woods.  A master craftsman and all around Good Guy, Damien maintains the brewery grounds and makes sure Johnny doesn’t drink all the beer. When he’s not busy saving babies and changing the course of history, he likes to watch Home and Garden Television.

Together we are a tight knit group who clearly do not take themselves very seriously.  Hello.