It's the Most Wonderful Time. . . for Beer

With the Thanksgiving Holiday behind us, we’re gearing up, elastic waist sweat pants and all, for the Christmas Season.   

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Our good friend “Julius”, our flagship IPA, returns to the taps tomorrow, after a long and heartbreaking two week hiatus.  Rounding things out are “Snowtober”, our Robust Porter, and “Old Man”, our rich Extra Special Bitter!

We should have our new kegerators rolling, which means fills and tasting get separate treatment   Hopefully this means quicker growler fills… !

Just a reminder - Please pull into the driveway.  Last weekend, you guys were tremendous staying off of St. Clair Road.  There is plenty of room down in the field,we promise.  And it’s a nice walk!

Here’s something about Tree House you may not know - We encourage BYOF.  That is, Bring Your Own Food.  If you want to spend some time relaxing by the fire, you are more than welcome to bring some BT’s, or, whatever.  Squid?

Finally, a quip on Tree House, our customers, and the larger craft beer community.  We are located in a residential neighborhood on a back road in a small town.  The road is narrow, the area is quiet, and life is mellow.   We drive slowly and carefully - kids are at play - and we engage in great and peaceful conversations and maintain a modest decibel level.  At Tree House, we have noticed a great deal of respect for these values, and we can’t thank you enough for that.  In short, what happens at Tree House represents the whole of the craft beer community, and so far it has been wonderful.  And onward… Let’s have a beer.

Cheers y’all.  Who needs a shopping mall when you have Tree House?