Growing Pains

Man, we have a lot to talk about. 

We’d like to thank everyone who came out this past Saturday.  We’re not sure what set it off, but it was the perfect storm of patronage and Tree House had it’s busiest day yet.  By far!  We served seventy tasting flights and turned down nearly as many when we ran out of beer.  We are truly humbled by the support we have received thus far and heartbroken when folks leave the brewery empty handed.   We understand full well how unusual it is for a brewery to consistently run out of beer, but demand thus far has been extraordinary and our equipment is currently woefully undersized. 


We are working extremely hard to have as much product available every weekend but demand continues to far outstrip what we are able to produce given our exceedingly high quality control standards and limited capacity.  Again. we will be able to produce nearly 30 times the amount of beer every week we make now by the New Year.  We understand waiting can be frustrating and we continue to make improvements every week to speed things up.  A key benefit of our new Brew House, and thus more beer, will be a dedicated ‘tasting only’ kegerator located in a location independent of the bottle fill kegerator.  It should help, along with expanded retail hours (!)

The beer.  ’Julius’ was fantastic Saturday, our best batch yet.  One of our goals at Tree House is to never stop improving.  The recipe will never change but our process is subject to a relentless pursuit of refinement.   After all, no artist paints a picture and considers the problem ‘solved’ and hangs up his brushes.  He continues to paint, learning with each new piece of art and improving upon it with the next.

‘Aftermath’ was the Anti-Julius.  Big, bold, roasty, and bitter, it stood up alongside an amazingly generous customer gift, the World Famous Kate the Great:


‘Merry Mint’ had a very strong reception, and we were pleased with how it rounded out once conditioned.   Just a touch of mint offered a cooling sensation that lingered beyond the sip… interesting.  Will we every brew it again… ?  Or will we make a Barleywine to celebrate the decorated winter months… ?  

Spotted at my parents house.  Love this:

Next weekend… More ‘Aftermath’.  ’Snowtober’… ‘That’s What She Said’.  The weekend of dark beers!  Except for… ‘Green’!  Will it be ready…?  I think it will, but stay tuned.    The weekend of filling up for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Whoa.  A note on parking:  please park in the driveway.  We know it can get crowded but we will do our best to direct so you may enter and exit at will.  When our new brewery floor is poured we will have parking down in the field… !

Hope you’re enjoying those growlers!

till next time,