Colored Leaf Pigment and a Potbelly Wood Stove

First, the bad news.  If the weather forecasts are to be believed we are going to have our first rainy Saturday in a long time.  Hanging out on the Tree House grounds will be less than ideal and it will be chilly.

Now, the good news.  We’ll fire up the wood stove for the first time this season and make the retail shop cozier than a bed full of stuffed animals and Dean  (If that mental image was disturbing, you’re not alone).

Thanks to the generosity of friends and customers, we’re now spinning in excess of 200 records.  We invite you to treat the Tree House turntable like your own free JukeBox with our vinyl, or we encourage you to bring your own.  If you do partake, we kindly ask that you treat our turntable with respect. :)

Now that you’ve suffered through three paragraphs of me rambling without a single mention of beer… What’s pouring on 9.29.2012 at Tree House?  This:

Julius - 6.8% ABV, 72.4 IBU’s.  You know this beast and you know it well.  Made with the freshest batch of hops yet, this batch screams.

Autumn Ale - 8.9% ABV - Back to back weeks for our giant Autumn Ale…the perfect elixir for Saturday’s weather.

We’re bummed to only be pouring two beers this weekend, but happy to have more than usual of each.  Last week we ran out of beer at 3 PM.  If you don’t want to miss out, we suggest you come early (11 AM to 6 PM).

The ladies will be pouring, Dean will be touring, and we’ll be brewing more Autumn Ale.