Autumn Smackdown

What an exciting first day of Autumn at Tree House.  

The weather was perfect, the autumn spirit was in full effect, and we had more friends than ever stop by to check out our place.  

The new commercial kegerator worked like a dream.  RIP, keezer!  Hopefully it continues to work as well as it worked on Saturday.  Faster bottle fills!  Yes!

Our one-off “Local Nugget” kicked before our old friend “Cascade”, and “Autumn Ale” was first to go.  All of our beer was gone by 3 PM.  This supremely sucks (more on that below). 

We installed a new turntable and folks headed our request to bring albums… we ended the day with better than 200 vintage records to spin in the future.  Nostalgia is at the core of Tree House philosophy and there’s simply nothing better than spinning an old vinyl that has a place in your personal history…

Not to be outdone, our guitars (finally!) got a workout during retail day.   These guitars are always fair game - assuming you treat them with respect and don’t play Stairway to Heaven - and they were finally put to use.  Love to see this.

Thanks again to everyone who came out.  Look forward to more Autumn Ale next weekend and the return of JULIUSSSS.  Remember, come early. But not too early, because we open at 11 :)

I’ll end this post with some important information:  Tree House Brewing Company currently makes an very small amount of beer.   How much is a “very small amount?”  40 gallons a week.  

To put this into perspective, Anheuser-Busch makes ten times that amount every secondof the year.

Crazy, huh?

The good news is in a few short months we will increase our weekly production by 30 to 45 times what we make now.  The bad news is we will continue to make a very small amount in the immediate future and Saturday retail days will continue to sell out.  Nothing breaks our heart more than seeing an excited customer come down the driveway only to find out Tree House is out of beer.  Patience, young Jedi’s… only a few more short months …

Until next week.  Cheers!