And then there were thanks...given.

The big Saturday before Thanksgiving!

The stars have somewhat aligned for Tree House and for the first time in weeks we’ll have FOUR BEERS available for retail (we won’t talk much about the secret FIFTH beer - a beer that may or may not have ties to the current season…).

Four beers.  Hell yeah.  Tree House beer might actually see three o’clock this week… Knock on wood.  Twenty times.  Oh god… what have I done. 

We’re very excited about this weeks batch of “Green”.  The recipe has evolved from a single hop Galaxy IPA to something with a bit more depth.  I’d tell you exactly what I’m talking about but that would kind of spoil the fun, wouldn’t it? :)  Lauren commented that she would drink the warm flat “Green” for breakfast and I can’t say I’d argue with her.  So juicy, tropical, and wonderful… Can’t wait to share !

Mmm, warm flat “Green”.  Looks kind of orange, but who’s keeping score… 

What else?  ”Snowtober”, our Robust Porter.  It’s been a few weeks since it’s seen our taps and it’s quite a treat this time of year.  More “Aftermath”, our breakfast stout.  Big, bold, and flavorful, we won’t think your weird if you choose it over morning coffee.  And finally, “That’s What She Said”, our Milk Stout.  

So many robust dark beers.  So fitting for the holiday, and the season!  We’re psyched! 

REMINDER - We will not be open on Wednesday.  If you want to enjoy your favorite Tree House ale with your elastic waist pant bustin’ Thanksgiving meal, you should stock up on Saturday!  

Anyone got any concrete?  Time to pour and take that electrical power to 5bbl fermenters full of Tree House (!!!!!!).  So soon.  SO SOON!

As a lovers of Thanksgiving and what it represents for nostalgia, family, and joy, we’d like to take a second to thank every who has supported us this summer and fall.  Though we’ve only just begun, we could not have come so far without you.  So thank you, thank you, thank you, and please have a safe and wonderful holiday!

We’ll see you all Saturday.  Reminder #2 - Please pull into the driveway.  We’ll take care of you, we promise :)