All kinds of things.

This past weekend was awesome.

Saturday we had a great turnout even with dire warnings we would have less than our usual four beers available for bottle fills. 

Both “Dirty Water” and “That’s What Dean Said” were equally well received and we should still have a little bit left over for this coming weekend.  

But before I get to that I’d like to say a few words about a Tree House road (boat?) trip to Nantucket on Sunday.  We took a few precious days off and headed down to do a bit of shoe shopping (Oh, Dean) and check out Cisco Brewers.  

Tree House kids with Jeff, the head brewer and chief physicist for Cisco.  Jeff is a good dude and puts his beer into an array of barrels with microflora and makes them infinitely more unique and interesting than beers aged in stainless.  He doesn’t put them into bourbon barrels, though, because he finds that the flavors don’t jive.  I couldn’t disagree with him more.  But I digress…

The scene at Cisco is super laid back.  The brewery exclusives make the trip worthwhile and should be sought out by those who have only experienced the core Cisco brands on the mainland.  Jeff is given creative control to do whatever he pleases with these beers and the result is a deep and interesting array of flavors. 

So, the Tree House Crew is rested and relaxed and ready to kick some ass after a few days on the island.   

Oh, and, we went to Sea Dog.  Don’t do that.

Bloody Mary in a Tree House glass.  Solid use, imo.

So, about this coming weekend.  Nothing set in stone yet, but…  We kegged more “Julius” (Citra) and it should be ready on the 18th, along with a fresh batch of “That’s What She Said”.  ”Rapture” is kegged and ready to go, too.  Stay tuned as we finalize things for the weekend, and thank you for your continued support! 


PS - About Wednesday… If you do intend to stop by and fill up your Tree House bottles, we have plenty of “Dirty Water” and That’s What Dean Said” to go around… Don’t be shy.