The title of this post is fitting on two fronts:

1)  Aftermath, our 8.7% ABV Breakfast Stout, came and went very quickly in it’s debut.

2)  The aftermath of dealing with being completely wiped out of beer.

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us.  We got to release one of our favorite beers that played a large role in the original vision for Tree House -  Big, bold beers made without regard to pre-conceived notions of taste…  Refined beers loaded with flavor, yet, ultimately gentle and delicate on the palate.  Aftermath.

Awesome Autumn Ale poured beautifully, and Dirty Raspberry, our wonderfully tart and dry blonde ale infused with Koran’s Farm Raspberries, was very well received.

We began the day feeling very comfortable about our level of beer and completely sold out by 4 PM.  Damn… We hate this and cannot wait to receive our new equipment to increase production.  In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your patience.

It was an awesome day and we can’t thank everyone - friends, fellow brewers, neighbors - enough for coming out.

Next week… We ordered a fancy new kegerator that should greatly increase the quality and consistency of our fills.  We are crossing our fingers that it arrives in time for next weekend.  Can’t wait!  Also, more Tree House tulip stemware is on the way.

The beer… Julius (Citra).  Back on this Saturday at 11 AM!  The most awesome blend of fresh Citra went into this batch and it is so wonderfully juicy… What else…Cleona?  Snowtober, our Porter…?  More Triple A?  Sure looks like it.  We will let you know as the week rolls on.