One day pouring permit details, 8.27.16

In addition to today's can, growler, and bottle options,  we are offering full pours to guests to enjoy on the brewery grounds. Each guest is entitled to purchase one full pour.  Options are:

Green (16 oz) - $7

Haze ($16 oz) - $7

Native Three bottle service (500 ML - Includes Teku glass) - $23

Full pour tickets will be available at the can checkout register located at the back of the retail shop.  There are approximately 100 bottles of Native Three available for on-site service and 140 pours of each Green and Haze. Native Three for bottle service does not count against your 1 PP limit for off-site consumption. In other words, if you enjoy one on-site you may purchase two.

Pour service will begin at approximately 12-12:30.  If you have any questions, please direct them to our twitter account @treehousebrewco Thank you!