RE: Growler fills at Tree House in the future.

I wanted to post a quick note regarding growler fills in the future at Tree House....

It was reported by the news that we would be discontinuing growler fills when our packaging systems were up and running.  This was a simple oversight (it's OK, it happens!) but unfortunately for us it was published and we received a *lot* of e-mails. 

So to reiterate, growlers fills are *not* going away, ever! They've been core to our brewery since we brewed batches ten gallons at a time and will be as long as we take up space in the universe.

The reason I stated it is 'unlikely' we will fill 'core' beers [in growlers] is because we anticipate having twelve lines of growler-only beers at all times. If a line runs dry and we have a few kegs of core beers to fill it with, we will fill it…!  But it's our plan, right now, to dedicate the retail shop lines to more small batch projects.


Double Double Shot, Very Green, King Julius, Julius dry hopped with 'x', Green dry hopped with 'y', fruited berliner weisse, a bounty of other beers yet to be brewed, etc. etc. etc. . . all available in growler form only!

I hope this helps to clarify.

But seriously, Green in cans.