A Status Update!

Fresh "Eureka w/Citra" on display in the re-located brewery!

Fresh "Eureka w/Citra" on display in the re-located brewery!

Oh, hey blog, what’s happening?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have to apologize. . . we’ve all been a bit busy, and distracted carrying our brewery four and a half miles to the blustery expanse of East Hill road in Monson!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity here at Tree House, and I’ve been meaning to share something of a status update but wanted to make sure I had a chance to properly collect my thoughts. Luckily today, sitting quietly in an empty brewery listening to the burps of fermenting beer, I think I’ve reached that point.

One of our goals during the move was to stay open and not have to shut down for weeks on end. A lofty goal, indeed. We’re quite proud to say that after enduring many double digit hour days through holidays and the birth of a new member of the Tree House family (Tessa!), we achieved our goal. The monumental task of permitting a brewery and moving it without loss of service is a task that I - and everyone here at Tree House - hope we never have to endure again.

Setting challenges aside, the wheels are officially in motion to continue the agricultural legacy of Koran's Farm for future generations, and to preserve its beauty for both the community of Monson and travelers from afar.

Winter Landscape at Tree House.

Winter Landscape at Tree House.

Now that we’re settled in and comfortable in the relocated brew house, we’ve begun to produce beer that we think is better than ever - soft, elegant, and distinguished.  We are laser focused on the present, but also looking ahead to the future with exciting bottling projects in the works including mixed fermentation efforts, wood aged beers, and collaborative beers with friends.  Spring will also see the birth of an expansive growth program to include native hops and fruit trees! 

Since opening our doors in Monson we have seen a greatly increased curiosity in our project, and we've been selling everything we produce in seven short hours every Saturday.

This has resulted in some understandable frustration. We had hoped to be open more often as our new location affords, but we have not been able to get our stockpile of beer to an appreciable enough level.  In other words, we could open on Thursday & Friday, but we wouldn't have any beer.  Another frustration has been a lack of variety on Saturday, also a function of low supply.  We can't do much to change this in the very short term, but we can point you to treehousebrew.com/on-tap, which is consistently updated and accurate, providing a snapshot of what will be available during your trip.  And when you're here you can tell Dean to stop drinking all the beer.

We've always focused on becoming objectively better brewers at Tree House, while not rushing to become bigger. With that focus comes challenges of supply.  We have chosen to take a route for the next phase of our project that looks deep into the future of sustainability and community, rather than rushing to expand. Given this path, we'll ask for your continued patience as we try to get it right from the very beginning. We are keenly aware of the difficulties with our current system (long lines, limited hours), but we can sternly promise our operation will become increasingly efficient - via substantial capital investment - in the next year.

In the very near term, we have added a 10 BBL tank and will be above Brimfield levels of 'production' in 3-4 weeks. . . and with it we hope to resupply our draft accounts and open a few more days out of the week to alleviate wait times & lines.  Green, Julius, Sap, and a new Coffee Beer all resting in the tanks waiting for their turn. . . 

Our neighbors and the Town of Monson have been wonderful in welcoming us to the neighborhood. We are looking forward to a long and joyful relationship!

In closing, we sincerely appreciate all of your submitted thoughts, both good and bad.  Really.  We have embraced your informed perspective over the years as we consistently try to improve!

The very best is yet to come.

-tree house