Extra, Extra! Read all about it!

This has been a week of great press coverage here at Tree House.    We can't express how much we appreciate it when someone takes the time to articulate their thoughts about our beer or visiting the barn.  It invigorates us!  So, thank you!

Drink Insider offered the following:

"The thing about this beer is that it isn’t the biggest, it isn’t the hoppiest (though it is quite hoppy), it doesn’t have any crazy ingredients… What it does have, though, is complete precision when it comes to balance, flavor and aroma. The brewers at Tree House have adjusted all of the levels just right. It’s so fresh, so burstingly plump and delicious, so exquisitely hopped. I don’t know what else to say, this is just one hell of an IPA – perhaps one of the best I’ve ever had."

Please support our friends at Drink Insider and check it out! 

Krysten Sikes, writing for the Appalachian Mountain Club, had this:

"Now for the brews. After our hike we drove across US Route 20, where Dearth Hill Road gives way to the winding St Claire Road. Near the top of the hill we arrived at the inconspicuous Tree House Brewing, nestled in the trees. A small group of home brewers, inspired by a successful beer tasting with friends, founded the brewery in 2011. Two of the owners and their friendly puppy greeted us as we stepped out of the car. They showed us around the brewery, and we admired the gleaming brew kettles and fermenters and marveled at their impressive bottle-filling station. Tree House's highly sought-after brews now rival some the best in the Northeast, with beer connoisseurs traveling long distances to visit the brewery."

We love the AMC and all their hard work, so it was humbling to get coverage on their website.  So cool!  You can read the whole thing here. 

The Boston Globe included us in their list of 10 Most Notable New(ish) Breweries in New England:

"Tree House Brewing is a veritable Eden in tiny Brimfield, with views of the Pioneer Valley mountainside, a koi pond perfect for picnicking, and a fire pit where visitors lounge with growlers of Nate Lanier’s fantastic beers. “We work hard to make our little brewery a beautiful space to kill a few hours,” says Lanier. “It’s a peaceful, invigorating space.”"

And finally, we were featured in this months issue of BeerAdvocate.  You can purchase the magazine digitally online here, or subscribe to the hard copy here!  We encourage you to do so - we find even the adverts to be interesting and relevant.


We hope your growlers are pouring well!  We'll see you Thursday with a new batch of "That's What She Said"!