Photo Contest Winners!

This is a hard one to write, 'cause everyone who submitted a photo is a winner in our book.  The winners were determined by popular vote from 16 friends and family of Tree House.  Each voter chose their three favorites privately and the photos with the most votes won, in their respective order.  Ties would result in a tiebreaker vote, but this proved to be unnecessary.

 So, without further adieu..... drumroll.... the winners are:...!

 # 3 - Mr. John Barker!

John submitted this photo with the following narrative: 

Good Day, This will be my submission to the contest. It is Tornado,taken at Hodges Village Dam in Oxford,MA...Thank You all and have a Wonderful Day,

John Barker"


 #2 - Ms. Erin Lea Lovern!

Erin submitted her photo with the following comment: 

 "celebrating independence day; drinking curiosity 3! cheers!!"


Grand Prize Winner - Mr. Jonathan Baczek!

Jonathan submitted his photo with the following comment: 

"This is a picture of Julius taken on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The golden glow of the beer was almost as beautiful as the sun that day.

I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoy drinking your beer!"



Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to everyone who participated!  We will be reaching out to the winners soon with their loot!   Please enjoy the rest of the entries below. . .