"Is Julius going to be on this weekend?" (6.22.13)

Why yes, yes is.

One of our favorite nurtured liquids, “Julius”, is available at Tree House this weekend and we've given considerable thought to how best distribute it fairly, equally, and as quickly as possible.

Early arrivers (please do not arrive too early - we need every last second to prepare for a given Saturday) will receive an “Order Card” with a number on it - the number is your place in ‘line’. This will preclude the need for a proper line, so you can relax and enjoy the property while deciding what you would like.

After we open at 11 AM, newcomers will receive order cards as they normally would, with no number necessary. . . we just suggest that you fill out and turn in your cards in a timely fashion to reserve your place in line.  The whole design of this process is to uphold the spirit of first come, first served in the most relaxed way possible.

We suggest bringing food, or a deck of cards, or a great book in anticipation of a longer than normal wait.  The Tree House grounds are in full bloom, and they are beautiful! 

The limits will begin as follows and may change subject to the pour girl’s discretion:

  • Five container limit per turn in line.  

  • 3 750ML or 2 2L of “Julius” (Three container limit, any combination of bottles)

  • There is no limit on Curiosity Three (just subject to the container limit)

We will have four “Julius” taps and two “Curiosity Three” taps in an effort to keep wait times down.  We are so, so excited to share our freshest and most recent creations with you!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the space here!