Dive Bar recap and the days ahead.

Two barrels worth of six different Tree House beers made for a hell of a great time last Friday at the Dive Bar - we’re still reeling.  What a night!  It was nice to get to talk beer for while without having to worry about screwing up a brew day.  And it was nice for us to drink our beer on draft because we hardly ever get to do that.  “Sap” FTW.  Thanks again to everyone who came out!   It was great to meet you all.   Lets do it again soon!

Things are churning at the brewery.  The strenuous double brew days are starting to pay off -  Double batches of "Sap" and "Eureka" will find their way into the retail shop and back into draft accounts in the next couple of weeks.  "Julius" & "Space & Time" are resting comfortably in the tanks to be released in the next few weeks, as well as make their way to the Big City for the American Craft Beer Festival.   And finally, a very special  new-ish beer is fermenting away after this past Saturday's brew day.  More on that soon.