You guys are thirsty.

Not sure if it was the weather, the tap list, a newspaper article, or a combination of all three, but Saturday was the busiest day we've ever had.  



The taps filled growlers literally non-stop for the duration of retail hours.  5 BBLS of beer.  


Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the first time, and those of you who continue to support us in our quest for the best fresh ale possible.  We'll see you again this Thursday at 5:30!

What's On Deck?  Well, we tasted "Space & Time", one of our Russian Imperial Stouts over the weekend.  Biiiiiig roast character and a drying finish make this a beer that is dark, bold, wholesome and. . .not for the faint of heart.   Awesome.  We can't say for certain yet if it will be ready for the weekend, but it's close.  Stay tuned.

We also Dry-Hopped Curiosity #2, our 9.2% Double IPA brewed with five american hop varieties.   This looks to be about two weeks out and we're hoping to have it ready for the weekend of the 20th.  

Special thanks to Joe the intern and Nate's brother Jason for filling in for Damien & Kim.  You guys killed it!