Pale Ale.


Mmmm, Pale Ale.  With your white, fluffy head; cloudy, unfiltered appearance; fleeting, aromatic disposition; tight, wispy carbonation, and pungent citric flavor, we absolutely adore you.  We adore you when it’s cold.  We adore you when it’s raining.  But we’re head over heals for you when the sun comes out.  

This weekend with the skies bluing and the forecast poking it’s head above 50 degrees, we are excited to be featuring three pale ales.  “Eureka”, our blonde ale made with Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand, “Julius” our IPA, and “Sap”, our new-ish IPA brewed mostly with Chinook hops.  

We’ll round things out with “Old Man”, our ESB that is pouring beautifully, and “That’s What She Said”, our Milk Stout.  

Should be a lovely Saturday.  We’ll be waiting.