Rebirth & Rejuvenation

The weather we’ve all been looking forward to is finally here.  We’re not in full bloom here at Tree House, but the sights and smells of rebirth and rejuvenation are more apparent by the day.  

To that end we’ve been on something of a brewing binge in an attempt to keep up with demand.  We have 15 BBLS of ‘Sap’ in the tanks and after Saturday we will have 10 BBLS of ‘Eureka’, our hoppy blonde ale on the way.  Man we can’t wait.  Spectacular fresh warm weather beers!

What else?  A fresh pallet of 1/2 BBL kegs and a shiny new keg washer will be in next week and should save Dean a bit of sanity.  The way we’ve been cleaning our kegs is the equivalent of trenching a water line with a spoon.  And no one wants to trench a water line with a spoon.

Oh!  I almost forgot!  We’re working on a low ABV farmhouse ale - the most glorious summer tonic. It will be available. . . in the summer.

So, more toys and more beer.  Good news.

Speaking of good news, ‘Julius’ is on this Saturday!  You should come to Tree House and get some.  Take it from us, it’s utterly therapeutic to stare down the valley over the newly green grass and fresh leaf buds on a crisp spring day while you wait for your growler fills.

Come see us!