"Curiosity Two"

As brewers one of the most exciting times around the brewery is when new beers are being created.  We get an idea in mind of what you want the beer to taste like and we create a recipe using what we've learned over the years to chase the flavor profile we are trying to achieve.  The two to four weeks between brew day and tasting the new beer can feel like an eternity but tasting that cool conditioned beer for the first time from the bright tank is one of the great pleasures we get as brewers.

With "Curiosity Two", the second beer of the Curiosity Series, we wanted a 'big' pale ale meant to showcase five lovely American Hop varieties and backed by just a touch of sweet pale malt character.  And we wanted it to drink like a 6% beer.  We wanted it to be intensely citrusy, tropical, and resinous, with a soft bitterness just powerful enough to make you want another sip.   We wanted it to be intensely aromatic.

After 3 1/2 weeks in the fermenter, two rounds of dry hops, and a short conditioning period, our reaction to the first sip from the bright tank was:  :-D

"Curiosity Two" - Available starting Saturday, April 20th 'til it's gone.