Space & Time



We have a new beer, Space & Time.

The name is born from the idea that spaces -  which are the foundations of memories - change, adapt, and progress with time, but the memories made within them never change, and our distance from them in time makes the heart grow fonder.

Think of your fondest memory.  Think of where it happened.  Was it outside?  Was it in a building that no longer exists?  Who were you with? Chances are you can remember the sights, sounds, and even smells of the space you inhabited during this memory and together they build a strong emotional and nostalgic connection to this Space.  These spaces may change - a building may be razed or trees may grow tall or be cut down - but they never disappear.  

When you return to these spaces many years later your memory takes over and the power of Time can overwhelm you  - the space is still there, it’s essence still the same, but much in your life has changed.  You’ve fallen in love.  You’ve fallen out of love.  You’ve had a child.  You’ve managed a few more creases on your forehead.  You’ve lost someone.  Still, you are instantly transported back to the original moment when your memory was created.  

Round and around, and back home again.

That’s the power of space.  And that’s the power of time.

What does that have to do with an Imperial Stout?  Absolutely nothing.  We just like the sentiment.  And who knows?  Maybe this beer will become part of your story.

How does it taste?  Think bitter dark chocolate, espresso, and a bit of toast.  A touch of dried fruit and caramel sweetness as it warms, but definitely a beer for the bitter chocolate/coffee fans. A medium body for a stout of this stature with a smooth carbonation makes Space & Time way more drinkable than it should be given the alcohol content.  A phenomenal food beer.  Batch #1 and just the beginning.  Available April 13th, 2013 'til it's gone.