Almost Spring.

It wouldn't be New England if we weren't getting a foot more snow than forecast.  The good news is it’s almost spring, and in the next few days warmer temperatures will deprive this batch of fluffy white stuff a life of longevity.

This Saturday the retail shop will see fresh batches of “Julius” and “Curiosity” continuing to pour, along with a new batch of “That’s What She Said”.  There is a partial keg of “Dirty Water” left, but we don’t believe it will last long.  Also, if you missed it, 2L Growlers are back in stock! 

We will be Deanless this weekend.  We’re all bummed out because he’s our tour guide and the boisterous MC of the Tree House experience.  We trust someone will make up for his absence with loud noises and the occasional ringing of the bell.

Regarding tastings - We can’t serve them, for now.  The very short version of this story is this:  We were contacted by the ABCC and asked to stop serving samples because our Chapter 19C presumably does not allow it.  To say we were completely shocked is an understatement.  We are working on reinstating samples as soon as possible.  We are very, very sorry about this.  

** UPDATE w/Special Note - Brimfield took it on the chin with this latest snowstorm - we received nearly two feet of snow.  We will indeed be open normal hours but caution that 2 WD vehicles may struggle in the driveway.  Please respect the neighbors and refrain from turning around in their driveway.  Thank you! **

On the brewing end of things, the grain and hops needed for our Russian Imperial Stout will not be here in time for the weekend.  Same goes for our Double (Triple?) IPA.  We’ll be brewing Old Man (First time on the new brew house!) and “Sap”, a 7.3% ABV IPA with mostly Chinook.   Poke your head in and say hello!

Be safe out there!  We'll see you tomorrow - normal hours, 11-6!