Just a couple of things. . .

We're busy putting the final tweaks on two very exciting recipes, so this will be short and sweet. . .

I've been slacking on the imagery.   So here is an image!

  • The snowstorm tried it's hardest to delay our 2L growlers, but to no avail -  we're happy to report that they will be back in stock this Saturday!  
  • Our spur of the moment Friday Evening hours worked out great last weekend.  We got to meet a great number of folks who had been following us but worked on Saturday and could never make the trip.  Welcome to the family!  Stay tuned for more regular, and teeny retail hours during the week. :)
  • (Second mention of this, but. . . ) We will be at Stoddard's Pub in Boston on March 12th with "Julius" for an event to benefit 'Pints for Prostates'.  You comin'? 
  • Speaking of Boston, we'll be at American Craft Beer Festival in May/June.  Hope to see you there!
  • I'm drinking a "Curiosity One" with spicy shrimp right now.  Not that you care... but I care.  Because it's delicious.  I just love this beer.  Love it!

That's all for now.  Looking forward to this Saturday.