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We held the first ever Thursday night hours last night and it was a great success.  A steady stream of new (and familiar) faces stopped by to see what we’re up to.  We love the enthusiasm.  Great to meet everyone - and great to catch up with Fuj and Elise!

We were all treated to a marvelous Tree House sunset. . . Wait, that’s a little presumptuous.  The Universe owns that sunset.  We’re just lucky to have observing abilities as humans. Thank you, Universe.

Last night we tasted the five day old incarnation of “Space & Time”, our new Russian Imperial Stout.  The aroma is out of this world.  The flavor is great too but still needs more time to balance out - When it comes to match the aroma we are in for quite a treat.  Looks like it will finish at about 9%.

What else...?  We tapped the last keg of “Curiosity One” - the first in our line of beers affording us the freedom of experimentation while chasing after new and interesting flavor profiles.  It should kick at some point on Saturday - don't miss it!  What to do next?  Well, brew “Curiosity Two”, of course.  We’ll be doing that on Saturday, and it should be available around mid-April.

Weather looks promising for tomorrow.  Come hang out with us!