The life of a Tree House keg. . .

. . . is about twenty minutes in Boston.  Whoa.


On Tuesday, we sent a keg to Stoddard's Pub in Boston to benefit "Pints For Prostates", a grassroots campaign that "uses the universal language of beer to communicate [important messages about men's health]".


We had a great time catching up with a few friends - Bog Iron Brewing, Wormtown - and meeting new ones - Riverwalk Brewing, Digital Friends of Tree House.  The jovial spirit invigorated by fresh local pints made for a memorable first Boston Beer Week event for us.  Thank you to everyone who came out, especially our most loyal Tree House supporters!!

An early word on this weekend.  We will be open Friday, from 6 PM to 9 PM.  No need to call - we will be open. :)  

This is good news and bad news.  The good news is you can drink all of your Tree House Friday night and come back again Saturday.  The bad news is. . . Wait.  I guess there's only good news.