We're all Curious.

First, some important news about this weekend:

On Growlers:  We ran out of 2L growlers.  Dean ate them all.  Just kidding.  We will have a few to start the day, but after that we will only have 750ML bottles available for fills.  You all were just too thirsty and we ran out sooner than we anticipated.  They will be back in stock next Saturday, March 9th.  We will still fill your Tree House 2L’s if you own them - so don’t be discouraged!

On parking and Tree House running out of beer:  We have a ton of parking in our field in the summer - In the winter, that area shrinks down to the available driveway and it can get very crowded.  In the spring we will be expanding the existing lot to hold more vehicles.  In the meantime, we ask that you pull into the driveway and our parking director will take great care of you.  Also, we ask that you please refrain from turning around in our neighbor’s driveways. Tomorrow we will have a big “OPEN” sign and you won’t miss us - we promise :)

About the beer.  Tell me about the beer!  We will not run out of beer Saturday.  We have about 130 gallons of delicious “Curiosity” sitting in our cooler, among other things.  Unlike the past, you don’t have to be at Tree House right at 11 to get your loot.  We’re not saying don’t come at 11 - we’re just saying you can come whenever and expect delicious beer.  And Dean.  Have I mentioned Dean?  

Phew!  You’re still here.  Now let's talk about Curiosity.

What’s this “Curiosity Series” we keep talking about?  Put simply, it’s an exploration of flavors and ideas that may or may not fall within typical stylistic guidelines of beer.  It’s Tree House’s version of a young kid who gets his or her hands on a World Almanac or looks up at the sky and ponders his or her place for the first time.  It’s questioning the status quo.  It’s born from the childlike desire to discover new and interesting things that stoke the creative spirit.

When we laid out of vision for Tree House Brewing Company way back in 2011, we envisioned a brewery that would brew large enough batches to satisfy a respectable demand, but small enough to allow a pointed exploration of the brewing arts without the constraints of typical packaging - A brewpub masquerading as a brewery.  And here, in 2013, we have finally started down this road with our first beer in the Curiosity Series named, oh so cleverly, “Curiosity One”.

This first beer is an elegant introduction to the Series, a 5.4% Pale Ale brewed exclusively with two of our favorite hops - Simcoe and Centennial.  We used Pale and Caramel Malts, and a sprinkling of oats for the grist and the result is a creamy but dry beer that is incredibly drinkable.  Curiosity One is highly fragrant, with bright and delicate flavors of sweet nectarine and citrus rounded out with a gentle touch of biscuity malt.  We dare you to have just one.

It’s likely these beers will only be brewed once, so get it while you can.  A few kegs will be headed out to our select draft accounts this week, and “Curiosity One” will be available at the retail shop this Saturday.   Head to the On-Tap page to see what else!

Curiosity - Because the mind, after all, is not “a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled”.