Ten things you may or may not know about Tree House.

1.    Yes, we really do have a Tree House and yes, you can climb inside it!

2.  Tree House is BYOF.  If you feel like bringing lunch as you wait for your fills, you're more than welcome.  

3.  In 2012, we brewed 0.00002706261% as much beer as the largest US 'craft' brewer, Boston Beer Company. . .

4.  . . .But we had more fun.

5.  There are more hops in a 10 gallon batch of "Julius" than there are in a 175 gallon batch of "Dirty Water".

6.  Kim makes the salsa and brewer Nate's father makes the snacks.  They are delicious.

7.  The Tree House logo was conceived and sketched by Tree House co-founder Damien's father in a matter of hours.

8.  Our very first beer ever brewed as Tree House in the barn still exists in bottles.    It's terrible.

9.  Jonathan, one of the four Tree House partners, was born to a pack of wolves in the black forests of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

10.  We're not really yelling at Dean - he just has poor hearing.

Happy Sunday, y'all.