What a day.


Over 3 BBLS of beer made it’s way through the Tree House taps this Saturday.   Recalling the days events, we tried to put this into perspective for ourselves... That’s nine batches and three weeks worth of beer for the original incarnation of Tree House - the brewery that saw us churn out ten gallons of beer at a time.   All in five hours. . .


We sit in quiet satisfaction that so many of you are enjoying our ales all across New England - Literally every New England state was represented yesterday, along with plates from New York and New Jersey.  Again, whoa!  Humbled.

As for you guys, you were just awesome.  We know parking is difficult and when when the landscape sheds it’s winter coat we will expand our parking area to hold roughly ten additional vehicles - along with a huge amount of available space in the field. In the meantime, we genuinely appreciate your patience.  And thank you for supporting our mission of super fresh, on demand ales. . .

 ** In the future, we ask that you please respect our neighbors and their privacy and that you avoid turning around in their driveways. **

Also of note, our new brew house means a lot more beer in the retail shop.  While certain varieties may run out, we will always have beer.  The need to arrive right at 11 has diminished. :)

We're always learning, and always trying to improve.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

During the excitement of retail hours, the guys brewed their first double batch on the new brew house.  Fifteen hours and a lot of caffeine later, a new batch of TWSS and a new hoppy Amber Ale are receiving their fate in the hands of trillions of tiny eukaryotic microorganisms as we speak!   

Next week... A new hoppy pale ale - "Curiosity One".... !  And more "Julius" :)