It’s hard to imagine that just six weeks ago we brewed our first batch on our new 5BBL brewhouse.   

We’ve settled into a rhythm and with the anxiety of a thousand new valves is behind us, the creative juices can start to flow. . .

Last night we cold-hopped the first in the “Curiosity” series. . . a beer we are calling “Curiosity One”.  As mentioned last week, it’s brewed exclusively with Centennial and Simcoe.  If the flavor out of the tank is any indication, we should be pretty psyched about the finished product.  Can’t wait for this one!  Aiming for next Saturday, March 2nd.

What else?  This weekend we’ll brew another batch of “That’s What She Said”, and a new, very American Red Ale to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Think dank, amber, and awesome.  We’ve begun work on a Russian Imperial Stout, tentatively named “Space & Time” which will be fermented in stainless and eventually find it’s way into a series of oak barrels - The concept for this beer came to me on a recent trip to Acadia National Park. . . A spiritual experience in winter.  Finally, a new, extravagantly hopped Triple IPA for April. . . What to call it... ?   Perhaps “Emperor Julius”. 

We are so, so excited.

For this Saturday in the retail shop. . . "Julius", "Dirty Water", and "That's What She Said".  Please see our ON-TAP page for more information.