Things, things, and some other things.

We’ve been a little quiet in this space but behind the scenes things have been moving at  lightning pace for Tree House Brewing Company!  

We took delivery of our second round of kegs this week - 46 new ⅙ barrel kegs and 16 ½ barrel kegs.  This has allowed us to supply a few more locations with beer and we could not be more excited about it!

These new kegs, along with an increased supply will serve ensure that the ‘running out’ problem we so often endured in the infancy of Tree House will be a thing of the past - at least for the time being.  

With respect to draft locations, you can now enjoy Tree House at the following places:

We feel very strongly about how our beer is treated and we couldn’t be happier to have our beer in the hands of the folks behind these establishments.  They should mostly be pouring "That's What She Said", our milk stout in the coming week.  If you're around, head out and support Tree House and our friends behind the culinary delights to be found at each place.

In brewing news, (the best kind of news) we brewed the first in what we're calling the "Curiosity" series.  The beer - which we're aiming to release March 2nd, is a Pale Ale brewed entirely with Centennial and Simcoe hops.  It's call "Curiosity One", and at a week old it is tasting elegant and delicious.  Can't wait for this one after it soaks up the six or seven pounds of cold hops it will fatefully merge with in the very near future.

Also, an extremely hoppy, bright orange IPA is currently conditioning and may be available on Saturday.  We can't rush the beer - the beer is our boss - so if it is ready for kegs Saturday morning you will certainly know about it here.

UPDATE:  "Julius" will indeed be on.  Both 750 ML and 2L fills. :)

In the meantime, stay tuned to the ON-TAP page!