Simplicity and 'Dirty Water'.

A new brew house and a return to basics:  “Dirty Water”, available this Saturday. . . A celebration of the first brew to crisscross it’s way through the welded stainless of our brewing vessels.

“Dirty Water” is a very simple beer that works well as a gateway to more flavorful beers.  Available for the first time in 2L growlers, it’s the perfect ale to share with friends as you watch the ____________ crush the __________ in the Super Bowl (we’re not ones to choose sides).  

This week we took delivery on our first run of kegs.  You should start to see our beer trickle out to a few select draft accounts in the next couple of weeks.  We are very excited that you all will be able to enjoy our creations in more locations - more on where soon!

If anything’s certain for this Saturday it’s this:  We will not run out of Dirty Water :)
Also available:  

“Sap” - A 7.3% IPA brewed with Chinook.  Massively flavorful and pungent.  Dry.  Delicious.
“Snowtober” - Our Robust Porter.

See you Saturday!