A lot has been said about the kindness, camaraderie, and generosity that makes the beer community as special as it is.  In this post we’ll add a bit to that notion with some stories we’ve accumulated in the past few weeks.

not to be missed in Charlotte.

This tale starts down in Charlotte, North Carolina in a new brewery and tap room - NoDa Brewing.  I haven’t visited personally, but if my interactions with the owner and founder, Todd Ford, are any indication, it’s a stop you don’t want to miss if you’re ever in the area.  

Last year when we landed six boxes of Citra hops, Todd reached out as he was in need of a small amount to create a special batch for the Great American Beer festival.  Unfortunately, the Citra we had was lined up to be in production until our contracts kicked in for 2013 and I couldn’t help Todd out.  Fast forward to January, 2013.  “Eureka” happened.  I knew I needed Nelson Sauvin.  “Eureka” was just too good to not brew.  

What to do?

I thought back to conversations I’d had with other brewers and remembered that Todd had offered Nelson in exchange for Citra back in August when he had been in touch with me.  Eureka!  Maybe he still had some!  

This time, I reached out to Todd and after a few quick signatures we had enough Nelson Sauvin hops lined up to brew twenty batches of “Eureka”.  Every time we release that beer over the next year or so we’ll think of Todd and his crew down in North Carolina and wish him the best.  Thank you, Todd and crew!

Thanks, BT!

The story now travels back to Sturbridge, where Brian Treitman, more commonly known as BT, is making barbecue that’s so good it makes you question why other styles of cooking even exist.  BT’s Smokehouse, right on Route 20 in Sturbridge, is great for Tree House because it’s BYOB.  It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon - Fill up a few growlers and crack them open with finger lickin’ good barbecue just ten minutes away.

Recently BT asked us to send him some beer because he’s always busy with the Smokehouse on Saturday.  So we did.  No big deal.  We just got a bag full of glorious saucisson sec, cheese, and a full lunch in return.  Kindness.  Extreme generosity.  Isn’t this what it’s all about?  Thank you, BT and crew!

And now we’re back in Brimfield, in the barn, where our friends and customers show their generosity on a weekly basis.  We’re beer geeks at Tree House, and our customers are beer geeks.  The hard work needed for Tree House has made it difficult for us to travel to the breweries and fine dining establishments throughout New England we’ve come to deeply know and love.  No big deal.  You consistently bring these experiences to us by sharing stories, photos, and, most important of all - beer.  

Thank you, customers.  We appreciate your kindness.

Legendary Dean hug.

And this,  just another set of anecdotes in a world of beer and camaraderie that we could not be more excited to be a part of.  

Happy Sunday, y’all.